The team

The Executive Committee manages the association and is supported by an Advisory Board, made up of experts and specialists in their field. The Zoé4life team also counts on the commitment of lots of volunteers.

The volunteers

Volunteers play an important role at Zoé4life. Their commitment is essential to help us carry out our work. Many events and actions just couldn't happen without them.

The Executive Committee

Made up of volunteers and meets at least once a month. 


Together, they manage the day-to-day running of the association, as well as special campaigns such as Septembre en OR and Move4life. They manage all the administrative aspects of each event, from publications on social networks, the website and merchandising items, to various projects throughout the year.

The Advisory Committee

IMade up of experts and specialists who give their time voluntarily. They offer their experience and skills in service of the association, advising and helping us.

Pierre-Yves Maillard

Former head of Vaud's Department of Health and Social Action, Member of the Council of States

Ambassadors and sponsors

Our godmother, Sandrine Viglino, and our godfather, Philippe Morax, take their mission to heart. In fact, they don't hesitate to open their contact books to Zoé4life whenever they think it will help.

Lana and Maïque Perez are Zoé4life ambassadors. They proudly represent the association and support us in everything we do by giving their time.

Our mission

Since 2013, Zoé4life has been supporting children with cancer, their families, and research.

Our association offers financial support to families in Switzerland with a child who has cancer. We also fund projects for children in hospital.

Our supporters

Committed companies support us

We're lucky to have the support of companies that are committed to the fight against paediatric cancer. Because it is not an individual fight, but a collective one, their support is invaluable to Zoé4life.