It's not too late

Did you know that all funds raised during Septembre en OR are reserved exclusively for research projects, of which we are an integral part? 

That's why we need your help. Together, we can make a real difference to children with cancer. And it's not too late! You can still support us by making a donation:

Discover below the testimony of Naïa, our Septembre en OR ambassador, and her mother Gaëlle. Because making sense of the meaningless is part of the healing process for some families.

"I remember that famous September 4, 2017 like it was yesterday... all these doctors talking to me about something I don't understand. All these terms far too technical for me and this one question I ask them: is my daughter going to survive?!. Of course, no one could risk answering that question. Fortunately for us, Naïa is on the road to recovery. Not without many after-effects that we'll have to learn to live with today, but we'll live with them... Unfortunately, this is by no means the case for all families. And that's why we fight every day! 

It's because I remember this unanswered question every day that I decided to get involved with Zoé4life. It's for the same reason that my daughter Naïa has chosen to become a Septembre en OR ambassador. By sharing ourotre We can make a difference for all the other children and teenagers who will have to go through this same painful stage of life."

Cancer turns everything upside down

Whether it's the child's life, schooling, socialization, siblings, family balance, work, finances or even the couple. When each parent has to deal with his or her own suffering and is no longer able to help the other parent, it's hard. The cost to families is often downplayed, because it's a subject that rightly frightens people, and we avoid talking about it.

"For all these reasons, Naïa and I want to be spokespeople for children with cancer and their families. 
Today, I'm launching an appeal for solidarity. So that all little girls and boys have a chance of surviving their cancer: together, let's invest in research. It's a harsh reality, but pharmaceutical companies don't invest in this area because it's too unprofitable. When you're a parent, it's really hard to hear that your child's life has a price. It seems so unfair! That's why we work closely with other organizations and hospitals, both here in Switzerland and abroad. Because we want to find a way to implement new treatment protocolsless aggressive and adapted to each cancer. I dream that one day we'll be able to cure all children. Because growing up without a brother or sister is not normal. Because surviving your child is not normal, and having to learn to live with the multiple after-effects of cancer is not normal either. 
Thank you for helping us in this fight. Each in our own way, we can be : #extraORdinary."

"My name is Naïa and today I'm doing well, even if I'm different from my friends.

I'm much slower and often very tired.. CI chose to tell my story because I think it can help other children like me to overcome cancer.."

"I'd like to tell them to always keep hope and fight. Adults will help us change things. Don't forget that every franc counts. Thank you for helping us!"