Very soon, we'll welcome guests to the Grande Salle in Vufflens-la-Ville (VD), for an evening of GOLD, the colour of childhood cancer, in the name of solidarity, fun, and sharing!

On March 21, 2024, at 6 p.m., having spent a crazy day tying up the last loose ends to make sure everything runs smoothly, we'll be there, ready, happy to meet you, but of course a tad stressed, admittedly. You know, that stress that hits you a few hours before the big day, when you realize something's missing, or that you have to change your plans because things aren't working out as you'd hoped.

Forget it. When we organize an event, we adapt and we always find solutions thanks to the great teams who support us.

In anticipation of that moment when the doors open and our hearts start to race, registration is already open. And we're plagued by questions... Will the audience stay with us? Will the hall be full? Have we thought of everything? Will they have fun? Will the auction take off? These are the questions that keep running through our heads, and can keep us awake at night. 

As always, as parents of a child who has had cancer, we know what we're fighting for every day, and we're striving to offer our guests a solid GOLD evening with quality food and great entertainment.

This year, we're honoured to welcome Gjon's tears, a young Swiss-Romand artist who represented the country at Eurovision, no less. The Pil'Life Danse Center will offer us a moment of poetry by playing a special arrangement of our song  'Zoé for life'. Finally, Tiziano Avola and his sidekick Passe-Partout will bring some magic to your table.

This emotionally-charged evening will take us from laughter to tears, and give us all an unforgettable time together.

Pil'Life Danse Center
Gjon's tears
Titiano Avola

Once again, we're putting on a magnificent tombola with top-quality prizes donated by partners who believe in our cause. 

Then it's time to get fired up for the auction, the highlight of the evening, hosted by comedian and humourist Christian Mukuna, which will feature a Manchester City shirt signed by world-famous footballer Erling Haaland, along with various other one-offs ... but we're it's all very hush-hush for the time being!

Christian Mukuna in action in 2022

Manel santiso

Our ambasers, Lana Guignard and Maïque Perez for the tombola
Gabriel Lado
The Gala is an chance for us to give you a fantastic time while paying tribute to all children with cancer, those who have left us, those who are still fighting, and those for whom life will never be quite the same again.
An evening when we can thank you for your kindness and for standing by our side. And as Anne Frank said: 'Because no one became poor by giving', together we can offer children with cancer the hope of a cure.

Gaëlle and Natalie

Natalie Guignard, Director and founding member with Gaëlle Solioz, Assistant Director
Gabriel Lado