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Cure more, cure better!

The conference took place on Saturday, May 6, 2023 at the Hôtel Starling - St-Sulpice (VD).

Guest of honor: Pr Gilles Vassal, oncologist, pediatrician, pharmacologist and professor of oncology at Hôpital Gustave Roussy in Paris.

With the participation of François Egger, moderator and RTS journalist.


Bringing together stakeholders involved in the field of childhood cancer, to learn from each other, debate important issues and move forward together.

For whom :

For anyone involved in the pediatric cancer community or interested in learning more about the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Through presentations, interviews, debates and round tables, we looked at how, together, we can cure more children with cancer, and cure them better.

The conference was organized around 3 themes:

  •  WHY

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Topics and speakers

Professor Gilles Vassal's presentation*, guest of honor.

Update on research in Europe.

Reflecting on the importance of patient representatives

Pediatric oncology and post-treatment in Switzerland with Prof. Katrin Scheinemann - President of the Swiss Pediatric Oncology Group (SPOG) - Head Physician of the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Unit at
St. Gallen hospital

Childhood cancer: progress and challenges with Prof. Maja Beck-Popovic - CHUV - Lausanne - Head physician of the pediatric hemato-oncology unit and Anouk Mévillot - parent of a child undergoing treatment

Speech by Rebecca Ruiz - Head of the Department of Health of the State of Vaud

Childhood cancer: access to innovation and its challenges with Dr Manuel
Diezi - CHUV - Lausanne - Pediatric oncologist and researcher

After-effects: the example of brain tumors with Dr Manuel Diezi and Dr Claudia Poloni - Neuropediatrician - Hôpital du Valais and CHUV

*Hôpital Gustave-Roussy Paris - Pediatrician, oncologist, pharmacologist and professor of oncology

Brain tumors: a neurosurgeon's point of view -
Dr Andréa Bartoli - Neurosurgeon at the HUG - Geneva

Study of communication needs to facilitate reintegration
school - Floriane Naef - Master in human medicine - University of Lausanne

Working together to care for children with cancer in Switzerland: opportunities and challenges with Dr Raffaele Renella -Pediatric hematologist-oncologist and Head of the Research Laboratory - CHUV - Lausanne

Introducing the TITAN project, an intercontinental research collaboration with Dr Pablo Berlanga - Gustave-Roussy Paris - Pediatric oncologist and researcher

ARFEC: evolution and viewpoint of family support

From children to adults - Dr. Maria Otth - Kinderspital Zurich -
Pediatric oncologist specializing in long-term follow-up and survivorship

The long-term effects of cancer: what's the current state of research in Switzerland? With Dr Nicolas Waespe - Isle of Bern Hospital - Oncologist - paediatric haematologist, member of the Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivor Study research group

Exchanges, discussions and debates on various themes