Our goals

Zoé4life supports children with cancer, their families, and research

Since 2013, Zoé4life has been supporting children with cancer, their families, and research.

Our goal: to cure more and cure better

Our association offers financial support to families living in Switzerland whose child has cancer. We also finance projects for children in hospital and have set up a mutual aid exchange. All4life for children, adolescents and young adults recovering from cancer. We also organize a number of events to raise public awareness of childhood cancer.

However, the majority of our funds go to support paediatric cancer research. Our aim is to increase the recovery rate and provide more suitable treatments for children. We are also committed to ensuring access to new and innovative treatments for children with cancer in Switzerland.

The primary wish of any child with cancer and their parents is recovery.

Every year, Zoé4life donates most of its funds to support and advance paediatric cancer research.

One of Zoé4life's objectives is to increase the recovery rate and offer suitable treatments for a better quality of life.

Every year in Switzerland, between 300 and 350 children under the age of 19 are diagnosed with cancer, and one child dies every week.
Today, four out of five children survive, but often with serious side-effects, and treatment can take months or even years.

The Zoé4life team

Together we can make a difference

The executive committee manages the association with support from an advisory board of experts and specialists in various fields. The Zoé4life team also relies on the commitment of many volunteers.

Our supporters

Committed companies support us

We're lucky to have the support of companies that are committed to the fight against paediatric cancer. Because it is not an individual fight, but a collective one, their support is invaluable to Zoé4life.