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Research and new treatments


Around 350 children under 19 are diagnosed with cancer every year in Switzerland, and 35,000 in Europe.


Every week, an average of 1 child dies of cancer in Switzerland. Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among children and adolescents.


Today, 4 out of 5 children survive, but often with serious after-effects due to their cancer treatment.

Research projects and new treatments funded by Zoé4life.

Since 2013, Zoé4life has funded research projects in Switzerland and abroad to the tune of over CHF 2,500,000.

Zoé4life also mobilizes research players in Switzerland and Europe. Zoé4life represents the voice of parents of children with cancer at international level within ITCC, ACCELERATE and Childhood Cancer International.

Projects financed in Switzerland

International collaboration

To speed up the development of new treatments for childhood cancer, Zoé4life is involved at both Swiss and international level. Zoé4life has joined forces with other associations with similar aims. Together, we finance research projects in Europe and America.

Together, we're going to "solve" the problem of childhood cancer. By joining forces, we can make a difference for children with cancer.

Thanks to this partnership, we have financed the following projects:

Childhood cancer has an impact on its victims and their families. An impact that is impossible to measure. However, funding decisions are often based on figures.

Here are a few facts about childhood cancer:

The causes of most pediatric cancers remain not only a mystery, but also unavoidable.

Childhood cancer is indiscriminate, sparing no ethnic group, socio-economic class or geographic region.

Around one in 600 young adults is a survivor of childhood cancer.

The average age of death of a child with cancer is 8 years, which represents a loss of around 69 years of probable life;
a significant loss of productivity for the company.

Pediatric cancer research must be a priority, and must progress more rapidly. Better-targeted treatments must be developed to cure more children and cure them better.

That's why Zoé4life is working at both Swiss and international level to make this a reality, in partnership with ITCCACCELERATESIOPENthe Swiss Pediatric Oncology GroupSolving Kids Cancerthe CHUVthe Kinderspital Zürich and theSeattle Children's Hospital.

Zoé4life's mission: cure more and cure better

Support for Swiss families with a child suffering from cancer

Every year, over a hundred families living in Switzerland with a child suffering from cancer receive support from Zoé4life.

Projects for children with cancer

Zoé4life finances projects for children with cancer, during and after treatment.

Commitments international

Our aim is to mobilize all those involved in research and make childhood cancer a priority for everyone in Switzerland and Europe.


RunDay4life - Solidarity run

Running in support of children with cancer