Winter the dolphin, symbol of hope

Did you know Winter? Winter was the dolphin without a tail, who was a source of inspiration and motivation for many people fighting battles, no matter how different.

Winter enabled them never to give up, to be brave and strong, but also to keep hope alive... And Zoé was one of those people. She admired and loved him like a friend. In 2013, Zoé was able to meet Winter, before she took off a few days later.

Zoé's battle was with cancer. With Winter, they had a common goal.... To fight every day for the right to live. Zoé had hopes of one day growing up to become a nurse. Winter helped her every day to keep hope alive until her last breath...

Yesterday, Winter left for the stars, where so many people will roll out the red carpet for her, and there will always be that famous dream that Zoé was able to realize, the last one too...

For us, Zoé's family and friends, this is a sad day. Because Winter represented a part of Zoé's life. He brought back indelible memories and brought them to life.

Today, our hearts are used once again. Today, we remind ourselves that we will never, ever give up.

Thank you Winter, for everything you've given us.