Activity report 2022

A year of emotions

2022 was a year of solidarity. Solidarity beyond borders and beyond cantonal barriers, and we are delighted to present our activity report.

We were highly motivated to make 2022 an unforgettable year for our association. After the COVID years, we were full of ambition. To grow and continue to exist, an association needs to organize its own events.

We had planned our year.

The dates of the business lunches we organize with our partners were fixed.

Our first Charity Gala, postponed due to the pandemic, would take place this year. Day4life, our traditional event, was also scheduled.

Then war broke out in Ukraine. We put all our energy into helping Ukrainian children with cancer. A human adventure that will remain engraved in our hearts and memories. The parents' joy at seeing their children safe and able to continue their treatment in Switzerland filled us with pride. Thanks to our partners, we had succeeded in doing something incredible: chartering a plane and its crew, accompanied by interpreters, doctors and nurses. Discover the film here.

So yes, we were way behind on organizing all our projects and events for the year. But no matter, we remember why we fight every day, who we do it for and we don't give up.

As a result, we redouble our efforts and put more energy into our tasks. Finally, we give more of our time to ensure that every event can take place.

The year 2022 didn't quite turn out the way we'd imagined. It will have cost us in energy, but we have made 2022 a magnificent year for our association, and it will enable us to fund many projects to make a difference in the world of childhood cancer.

Zoé4life's strength lies in our ability to react quickly and adapt to new situations.

Indeed, we started from scratch 10 years ago, we have no government subsidies and we know that every franc counts. Indeed, we know we have to work to get the support we need to achieve our goals.

Whatever happens, we'll always remember the great moments, the encounters, the sharing and the wonderful experiences we've had, and we're ready for another year of adventures!