Organize  an event or activity to support children with cancer

Are you a teacher or student and would you like to organize an event or activity to help other children with cancer?

Here are a few examples of the different fundraisers that have been organised for Zoé4life and which we hope will give you the inspiration you need to organise your own event or activity.

A Christmas market or fair, with sales of arts and crafts or pastries and cakes by the students.

A race or walk, where children get sponsored for each kilometre, or a sponsored spelling bee.

A play or show held by the students where the admission fee is a donation to Zoé4life.

Involve your students to help children with cancer, and make a real difference!

Some teachers wish to support an association through school work:


  • One class organised with its teacher a sale of bread rolls and chocolate bars during recess to support Zoé4life. The students learned how to manage a budget, stock, sales and a schedule to organise taking turns selling.
  • Others grew vegetables, took care of them for many months and then sold them at the market for the benefit of Zoé4life. They had also studied what Zoé4life does in order to be able to answer their customers’ questions.
  • A teacher set up a 10-session endurance training session with his students to prepare for the 4km of Lausanne with a sponsorship system.
  • A school organized the traditional Christmas carol every year and collected donations the same day through a soup sale.

For each of these activities and events, we are happy to go in to the classrooms and explain to the students and teachers what Zoé4life does so they can better understand what they are contributing to.

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