Your Support Helps Children with Cancer

Programs and projects for children during and after treatment

Zoé4life funds several projects and programs for children at the hospital and after treatment. It’s important to support these kids, help them through the hurdles they face and give them a chance at a brighter future.f

The ‘Kanji’- Beads of Courage

The beads program is run by the Ligue vaudoise contre le cancer and the beads are financed by Zoé4life. Thanks to these beads, children have a way to talk about and share their journey of treatment against their cancer.

Each bead received represents an intervention or treatment. The child can therefore share the progress they have made with their friends and family. This empowerment helps them understand their treatment and feel proud of what they have accomplished. They gain self-confidence and their courage is encouraged.

Robin and his Kanji

Beads of courage and to encourage our heroes in their battle against cancer.


The « Jayson Attitude » Toy Cart

Active toys for kids in isolation units. 

Since 2014, this toy cart, full of special adapted sports activities and toys offers sports edutainment games to children confined to rooms in isolation.
The goal of this cart is to allow them to move, be active and busy during the long periods of time when they cannot leave the room.

jouets enfants cancer

Jayson was the inspiration for the Active Toy cart, named after him

Fertility Preservation

Therapeutic advances currently allow us to cure more than 80% of children with cancer.

Unfortunately, these treatments can lead to significant long-term sequelae. One third of adult survivors of pediatric cancer have fertility problems, which have a significant impact on their quality of life.
Preserving fertility is therefore essential for the future of these children.
Although the law has recently changed and such costs are now reimbursed for teenagers (after puberty), this still does not apply to pre-pubertal children.

Because being able to become a parent is a choice that we want to offer to children with cancer, these costs are fully covered by our association!

The choice to become a parent: a possibility we want to be able to offer to all children with cancer.

A Sports Therapy Program for Children with Cancer

PASTEC : Promotion de l’Activité Sportive Thérapeutique pour l’Enfant Atteint de Cancer. (Promotion of Sports Activities for Children with Cancer) This study had as a goal to demonstrate the benefits of adapted sports therapy for children during and after cancer treatments. The project was put in place by the CHUV Hospital in Lausanne  and the Centre Sport et Santé du Centre Sportif Universitaire de Dorigny. 

Zoé4life financed over 100’000 francs for the scientific study and then continued it’s support for the first years’ operational fees, while also providing financial support to participating families.

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