How To Cure More Children

Accelerating research and improving access to innovative treatments for children in Switzerland.

One of Zoé4life main goals is to speed up research. Cancer is the leading cause of death from disease in children, and children who are cured very often have serious long term side effects.

Zoé4life’s goal is to find better treatments that will increase the cure rate while reducing toxicity and long-term sequelae.

Cure more and cure better: our mission

In Switzerland, every week, a child dies of cancer. Some cancers have a very poor prognosis upon diagnosis, and for others, despite successful treatment, relapses are common. Zoé4life is a partner of the Swiss Pediatric Oncology Group in order to advance specific research for these types of cancers. New research projects are put in place quickly thanks to our financial support. They are set up in Swiss hospitals so that children currently in treatment can benefit from them. The results of these treatments are evaluated internationally to determine what is the best course of action to improve the cure rate for all children, today and in the future.

Thanks to our financial support, nine studies were opened in Switzerland and two more are in preparation.

Zoé4life supports two other innovative projects for children who would otherwise have no hope of recovery

CAR T Cell Immunotherapy: a new hope for children with cancer in Switzerland.

An international partnership for a new treatment for nerublastoma.

More information on these two projects will comme out soon!

Advocate on an international level to move research forward

Zoé4life is involved on an international level in order to accelerate research and innovation, through Childhood Cancer International and Accelerate.

Childhood Cancer International

Zoé4life’s president Nicole Scobie is on the Board and European Regional Committee of this international organization. She works specifically in the field of research and patient involvement in clinical trial design as well as funding for new studies.


Zoé4life is on the Steering Committee of this organization which brings together all the stakeholders involved in pediatric cancer; from researchers to academia, pharmaceutical companies and regulatory body representatives, as well as patient advocates, who work together to accelerate innovative drug development for children with cancer.

Together we can make a difference! Thank you for sour support!