4th edition of Move4life or how to do good for yourself and those around you

The idea for Move4life was born in the midst of a group brainstorming session on how to organize our activities in the light of the pandemic then raging in 2020, and was first launched in March of that year. 

The concept appeals to our public and Move4life is a success. The idea of carrying out a challenge, with no limits other than those you set yourself, paying an entry fee and motivating your friends and family to help build up a common fund is very appealing. It allows everyone to continue supporting us and getting involved in a different way.

For the 4th year in a row, we're proud to be able to launch this campaign once again. It's intended to be as fun as it is simple. And yet it's so important for the smooth running of our association, which depends on donations for its survival.

When we created this movement, we never thought we'd be so successful. Our ambition to raise CHF 55,555 by 2021 seemed a little utopian... But we didn't count on your incredible generosity, your desire to get moving and your need to share. And let's not forget the solidarity that enabled us to raise the incredible sum of CHF 75,000. Thanks to this sum, we were able to finance the implementation, in Switzerland, of the INFORM2 NivEnt research project.

In 2022, the funds raised enabled us to launch our All4life project, which provides bursaries for children, teenagers and young adults recovering from cancer, enabling them to improve their quality of life.

The funds we raise this year will go to All4life. This will enable us to fund personal projects for children, teenagers and young adults recovering from cancer to improve their quality of life.

Your generosity, kindness and motivation all warmed our hearts. Your challenges made us laugh, they made us question ourselves, they taught us lessons and they moved us to tears. And above all, they proved to us what we've been fighting for since 2013... Together, we can make a difference!

So, will you be joining us again this year? What incredible challenges will you be proposing?

Whether it's stepping out of your comfort zone, outdoing yourself, having a great time, or simply doing something you enjoy... alone, in pairs, in groups, or as a family... it doesn't matter, all that matters, that's why you do it...