Together for children with cancer

Zoé4life is a non-profit organization that supports children with cancer, their families, and research. Our goal is to cure more children and cure them better. 

Together for children with cancer

Zoé4life was founded in 2013 in honour of Zoé, a little girl like no other. Zoé was born with a rare cancer called neuroblastoma. She fought this cancer her whole life. 

Zoé relapsed when she was 4 years old. Friends and family of Zoé’s parents created the non-profit organization Zoé4life to help and support the family.

Unfortunately for Zoé, the cancer could not be cured. Zoé passed away in her mother’s arms two days before her 5th birthday.

After her death, Zoé4life, guided by the lessons learned from Zoé who loved life and who’s biggest dream was simply to grow up, chose to continue her battle, in order to make a real difference in the world of pediatric cancer.


Today, Zoé4life continues to work in the field of pediatric cancer because every year in Switzerland

  • Between  250 et 300 children aged 18 and younger are diagnosed with cancer
  • Four out of five kids survive at least 5 years, but often with serious long term side effects
  •  One child dies of cancer every week in Switzerland


Zoé4life is recognized as a public service utility. Learn more about what we do:

  • Support and accelerate access to new innovative treatments and research in pediatric oncology so that some day all children have a chance at a cure
  • Finance projects and programs for children during their treatments
  • Support families of children with cancer financially
  • Raise awareness about childhood cancer

Helping families

Zoé4life provides immediate financial support to families of children with cancer in Switzerland.

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Supporting research

Zoé4life works to support and accelerate research and access to new treatments.

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Projects for children

Zoé4life funds special projects and programs for children during their treatments.

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Raising public and political awareness about childhood cancer is an important goal of Zoé4life’s.

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Together we can make a difference

There are many ways to support us. Your commitment makes a difference for children with cancer and their families.

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