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Partners, sponsors and donors

We are very grateful to our partners, sponsors and donors who help us to fight against childhood cancer and to support these children and their families.


We have various events during the year during which we promote our sponsors and make their support visible and widely communicated to the general public.


Our partners choose how they would like to support us: helping us with their specific skills or products during events or at any other time during the year.


Some businesses choose to donate a percentage of their sales or revenue to us, or a specific sum for one item sold. You can choose: finance research, help families, projects for kids, or help us with our overhead fees.

Our Partners

Here’s how they support us


The Royaume MELAZIC supports Zoé4life for several years now with their  cupcake workshops at our Day4life event. They also now make a special Zoé4life cookie.

LFM radio station

The LFM radio station supports Zoé4life through several ads given to us for our events. They also invite us to speak live on the air several times a year to talk about childhood cancer and our events.


Créavin is a family business which considers itself the link between producer and consumer. The Créavin team supports our association during it’s open house event as well as during our own events.

L’Epis Taff’

The Epis Taff food truck support Zoé4life during our annual event, Day4life, by donating part of their revenu of sales on that day. They also have a piggy bank year round so people can always make a donation.


Prodis donates Chf 10 to Zoé4life for every new client. Thanks to them, we can support families as well as part of our overhead fees. Prodis is always promoting Zoé4life with it’s clients and partners.


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There are many ways to support us. Your help makes a big difference for kids with cancer and their families.

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