Ukrainian Children with Cancer

Photo credits : Oncology patients hold up sheets of paper with the words “Stop War” in a basement used as a bomb shelter at the Okhmadet children’s hospital in central Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, Feb. 28, 2022 (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

Ukrainian Children with cancer need support. Please donate to our fund to help these patients and their families.

Each year in Ukraine, around 1,600 children are diagnosed with cancer. Today, with the war, their access to hospitals and medicines is no longer always possible. Without treatment, they have no chance of survival.

It urgent to act quickly to help save these children.

Zoé4life is part of an international team with Childhood Cancer  International et Childhood Cancer International Europe. Together, a plan to transfer as many children with cancer as possible to other countries in Europe has been developed. Swiss medical centres are ready to accept some of these children. Zoé4life is organizing the transfer of the patients and their families from Poland to Switzerland, where they will then be brought to the hospitals so they can continue their cancer treatments. We are working in close collaboration with Childhood cancer Switzerland, who are coordinating the housing and needs of the families with parent-led childhood cancer charities in each region. This initiative is also coordinated with the medical teams in all the Swiss pediatric hemato-oncology centres who will take over the care of each child when they arrive. This entire organisation will generate important expenses for transportation and material. Zoé4life will also be providing financial support to each family. Zoé4life did not wait to act. The financial aspect will not stop us from trying to save these children. But we need your help! Please donate to this important cause.
“In 2013, when we chose to go to Florida to fulfill Zoé’s dream, the only one we could still offer her, that of meeting Winter the dolphin, many strangers reached out to us. Here in Switzerland but also in the United States. Our own war, the war against cancer, was lost. However, the outpouring of solidarity to help us has been incredible. With my husband and Lana, we will never forget it. Today we must reach out to these children who, unlike Zoé at the time, still have a chance to grow up.”. – Natalie Guignard – Zoé’s mom