Kanji – Beads of courage

The Kanji : beads of courage and to encourage our heroes in their battle against cancer

The beads program is run by the Ligue vaudoise contre le cancer and the beads are financed by Zoé4life. Thanks to these beads, children have a way to talk about and share their journey of treatment against their cancer.

Each bead received represents an intervention or treatment. The child can therefore share the progress they have made with their friends and family. This empowerment helps them understand their treatment and feel proud of what they have accomplished. They gain self-confidence and their courage is encouraged.

The program has multiple benefits for the young participants. Many children use their necklaces to explain to their friends all the hurdles they have had to overcome through their cancer treatments. Some care or interventions can be made easier thanks to the beads that the child receives after each medical procedure or step taken.


Children of all ages can participate in the program. Even very young children are enrolled in the program by their parents, who collect the beads for their babies. In the future, these tangible memories will remind them of the courage they showed at such a young age.

Parents often feel that they themselves benefit from collecting beads that highlight their child’s journey through treatment.

The program promotes the ability of children and teens to cope with their battle against cancer, and encourages them by highlighting their strengths. Bead collecting helps children feel proud of what they have accomplished.

This program has demonstrated it’s positive benefits in numerous children so far!

The beads are the exclusive copyright of the Dutch NGO VOKK. It is not authorized to copy the beads in any way, or to use them to any other means. The project is run in Switzerland by the Ligue vaudoise contre le cancer, and is supported financially by Zoé4life.

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