INFORM2 NivEnt : A Clinical Study for Children with Relapsed Cancer

INFORM2 NivEnt: A Clinical Study for Children with Relapsed Cancer

Some children have refractory cancer, for whom classical tumor therapies are not efficient anymore. The study INFORM2 NivEnt, tests a combination of two novel drugs in some of theses children :

  • Nivolumab : prevents the cancer cells from hiding from the immune system. In fact, they helep the immune system to attack the cancer cells.
  • Entinostat : changes the structure of the gene molecules of cancer cells in order to inhibit tumor growth.

In laboratory experiments with tumor cells, these drugs work particularly well when they are combined, however, this combination has not been evaluated in human beings yet.

In the INFORM2 NivEnt study, patients are treated with the two drugs. The efficacy against the disease is recorded.

Accompanying research is conducted to find out whether a prediction can be made about whether there are specific patient groups who derive the greatest benefit based on biological characteristics of the tumor

For more information, you can read this medical review about the INFORM2 NivEnt study.

Zoé4life funded INFORM2 NivEnt for a total of CHF 62,700.-, thanks to funds raised during our Move4life event in March 2021.

This therapy will be available for children in Switzerland soon.

Sullens, march 2021

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