A Study on the Needs for Information Tools

The goal of this study: to facilitate the reintegration of children after their treatment.

When a child or adolescent has cancer, information for him/herself, his/her family, classmates and teachers is essential to avoid communication problems and to facilitate reintegration.


Few qualitative studies have been carried out to better identify these information requirements and the tools needed by families and teachers.

In some patients, especially those in whom a brain tumour was diagnosed, neurological complications – chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances, visual-spatial memory impairment, decreased executive functions such as working memory, ability to concentre or emotional control affect quality of life and have a major impact on reintegration.

To better study these problems, Zoé4life has funded a study recently launched at the CHUV which aims to better identify the needs and characteristics of communication and therapeutic monitoring tools intended for these patients.

The goal of this study is to allow, in a second step, the development of tools which will allow a better school and social reintegration.

Zoé4life funded the entire Study for CHF 6’000.-