CAR T Cell Immunotherapy

A child’s immune system has the potential to cure their cancer.

Zoé4life is a partner with the University Hospital of Lausanne and the Seattle Children’s Hospital in the United States, to provide a new type of immunotherapy in Switzerland for children with cancer.

Surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy have long been the only tools available to beat cancer. Despite these treatments, cancer kills more than 6’000 children in Europe every year.

CAR T Cell immunotherapy is an innovative field in the treatment of cancer. Through cellular engineering, this treatment allows the body’s immune system to cure itself without the difficult and often permanent side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Most patients who receive CAR T cell immunotherapy experience an improvement in their disease within a few weeks. Not only do most of these patients see their cancer go into remission quickly, but the long term side effects of treatment are less harmful than aggressive chemotherapy or radiation.

Finally, a more effective and gentler cancer treatment is within our reach. And we are already seeing results: a recent Seattle clinical trial of pediatric leukemia resulted in a 93% complete remission rate in children with relapsing leukemia.

Zoé’s mission is to cure more children and cure them better! 


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Image: F. Ceppi

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