Support for Families of Children with Cancer

Famille naïa enfant atteint de cancer
Support for families of children living in Switzerland and being treated for cancer at the CHUV hospital in Lausanne or the HUG hospital in Geneva.
Every year, more than a hundred families benefit from the support of Zoé4life.  

In Switzerland, thanks to advances in cancer research, 4 out of 5 children can be cured. However, the treatments are long, lasting months or even years.
One of the parents usually has to stop or reduce his or her professional activity to stay with their child, who spends about one day out of every four in the hospital.
Zoé4life helps these families by offering them financial support, through the social workers in place in the French-speaking hospitals where the children are treated: the CHUV in Lausanne and the HUG in Geneva.