Move4life, the event where you get to choose your own challenge, is back this March!

Do you like sports? Do you like to cook? Do you have an artistic soul?

Move4life is the perfect opportunity to set a goal and give your best to support children with cancer!

  1. Find a challenge
  2. Register ans join us 
  3. Get ready, start training or practicing, and motivate those around you to do get involved too
  4. In March, start your challenge and give it your all!
  5. Tag Zoé4life and Move4life2023 on social media
    #move4life2023  ans then on @zoe4life and on @zoe_4_life
  6. Raise the communal fundraising pot by talking about your challenge to friends and family

Be proud of what you’ve done for children with cancer!

Move4life is:

Move4life is back! Don’t wait any longer, get moving!

Zoé4life has held this fun fundraising event since 2020. It’s a fun way to support children with cancer by choosing your own challenge.

The event is an awareness, solidarity and fundraising campaign with the aim of showing that together we can make a difference for children with cancer.

Move4life lets you choose your own challenge, with no limits other than those you set for yourself.

In 2021, we had set ourselves the financial objective of reaching the sum of CHF 55,555. Thanks to the generosity of the members of the Move4life community, this objective was largely exceeded, since we collected more than CHF 70,000 with which we were able to finance the establishment, in Switzerland, of the INFORM2 NivEnt project.

In 2022, CHF 64,000 was raised to fund All4life, self-help grants to improve the quality of life of children with cancer.


Let’s join forces: Join the Move4life community and together make a difference for children with cancer!

They were part of the Move4life community in 2021 and we thank them: