After the success of 2020 – Move4life is back!

Move4life, the event where you are free to choose your own challenge in order to support children with cancer!

  1. Find a challenge to take up, whether sporting, culinary, fun or cerebral! (or whatever else)
  2. Sign up and join the Move4life community!
  3. Go all out and be proud to have taken action for children with cancer!
  4. Tell the world about your challenge and help raise funds for Zoé4life

Move4life is :

Move4life is the reason you needed to challenge yourself!  

Do you need an idea?

Try a sport you’ve never tried before or participate in a class with Viviane from the comfort of your own home!

How about a culinary challenge (a cake, a gourmet meal, or baking cookies for your neighbors)?

Dare to do a crazy challenge, like walking through a city on stilts or in disguise 

Run a distance you’ve never run before, in a strange place or try to break your own record

Dare to try your first parachute jump or paragliding flight

Go for a night hike with only the light of a torch or flashlight

Set a goal of running, walking, biking or scootering a set number of kilometers in the month 

Do you like to write? Write the story of your life, make one up or compose the lyrics to a song

Do you write music or sing? Record it for us, or play it live!  

Join the Move4life community and together make a difference for children with cancer!