GOLD in September

“Gold in September”  : International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) is recognized every September by childhood cancer organizations around the world.

With a goal to increase awareness and raise funds for those affected by childhood cancer, we encourage everyone to go gold during the month of September for childhood cancer.

Zoé4life l'équipe Maïque

In 2013, building on what was already being done abroad, Zoé4life established this movement in French-speaking Switzerland.

In September, the iconic Geneva “Jet d’eau” is illuminated in GOLD for an evening. GOLD ribbon flags adorn the bridge of the Mont-Blanc. In Lausanne, our banners decorate the city.

Zoé4life septembre en OR - pont
Zoé4life septembre en OR - tirelire

However, our main campaign in September is the sale of our GOLD ribbons in many shops in French-speaking Switzerland. Every year, more than 20’000 ribbons are made by our volunteers and about 400 partner shops offer them to their customers for the symbolic price of CHF 1.00.

All the funds raised are used to finance the implementation of new treatment protocols for children with from cancer.

Zoé4life septembre en OR - rubans

Through this awareness-raising campaign, we are shining a light on the cause of childhood cancer and giving the public a way to show their solidarity by wearing a GOLD ribbon during the month of September.


Buy a gold ribbon !

Support children with cancer and their families. You will find them at several coffee shops, bakeries, stores and restaurants.



Do you run a small business, store, or coffee shop?


You can offer ribbons to your customers or employees, using our piggy banks to collect donations.


Would you like to get involved?

Become a volunteer and help us find and supply shops and stores in French-speaking Switzerland that wish to participate.

Contact us :

Here’s how they support us in September 

Zoé4life septembre en OR - Clément

La boulangerie Clément and the Moulin d’Echallens

In addition to ribbons and piggy banks available in all bakeries, a special bread is sold throughout the month of September to raise even more awareness about childhood cancer.

Zoé4life septembre en OR - La Fabrique

La Fabrique Cornu

At the Fabrique shop in Champagne shop, you will find the Zoé lollipop, sold for CHF 2.50. The entire amount will be donated to Zoé4life.

On each “La Fabrique” package sold in the store, CHF 0.10 are also donated to support our cause.

Zoé4life septembre en OR - Morand

La distillerie Morand 

In September, the Morand distillery is taking action to raise awareness! For each 1 liter bottle of syrup sold at the Martigny boutique, CHF 0.50 will be donated to Zoé4life.

Zoé4life septembre en OR - SushiZen


In Sushizen stores you will find a Zoé4life sticker on a selection of Bento boxes. By purchasing one of these Bentos, you will be supporting Zoé4life. Staff will wear the GOLD ribbon on their uniform and you too can purchase your own.

Zoé4life septembre en OR - Ramsauer

The chocolaterie Ramsauer – Soho Dolce  

In the Ramsauer chocolate factory located in Sierre, you will find our GOLD ribbons but also a chocolate bar sold for Zoé4life!
You can even place an order for the chocolate by email by contacting the chocolatier directly:

Zoé4life septembre en OR - Haute Nendaz

The mountain resort of Haute-Nendaz 

The golden ribbons are on sale in more than 50 shops: cafes, restaurants, bars, bakeries, boutiques, hairdressers, doctors, the art gallery, sports shops, municipal services, the tourist office and ski lifts in the resort.
Thank you to all the businesses of the village of Haute-Nendaz who are all together taking action and participating in the GOLD in Septembre campaign!
Don’t wait to go, the mountains are beautiful in September!

Zoé4life septembre en OR - Maxi Coiffure

Maxi Coiffure in Morges

At Maxi Coiffure, the whole team is taking action to help this important cause which means a lot to all of them.
This is an original way to support us, take advantage of these tempting offers!

Zoé4life septembre en OR - Adent

Groupe Adent Dental Clinics

The dental clinics of the Adent group in Switzerland support Zoé4life by offering GOLD ribbons in each of their clinics. This represents 14 clinics in French-speaking Switzerland and 8 in German-speaking Switzerland. A first for us to have ribbons across the country!

Zoé4life septembre en OR - Patachou


Patchou makes cookies adorned with the GOLD ribbon throughout the month of September. On each box containing 6 cookies, sold for CHF18.00, the sum of CHF 6.00 will be donate to Zoé4life.

Poupée Zoé4life

Together we can make a difference

There are many ways to support us. Your commitment makes a difference for children with cancer and their families.

Act Now!