Sports challenges 
to make a difference

Sports enthusiasts all agree: combining their sport with a cause is very motivating!

Are you an athlete and are looking for a new source of motivation, a reason to push you even further?

Are you looking for a way to get more active, do you need a goal without necessarily being competitive?

Do you love crazy challenges, or are hard competitions more your thing?

We have a solution for you: running for a cause!

Sign up for races or other sporting events and wear the Zoé4life t shirt or logo, have your friends and family sponsor you, and your challenge will make a difference for kids with cancer.

It’s a great way to boost your motivation for whatever sports events you would like to get involved in.

So? Are you motivated to start a sports challenge for a cause?

Contacte us :

Isabelle, our sports enthusiast who is also responsible for Zoé4life sports challenges, will accompany your planning throughout your project and help you with whatever you need.