to make a difference

You can transform any occasion into an opportunity to make a difference for kids with cancer!

Since the foundation of Zoé4life, we’ve often been surprised to see how the public gets involved to help our mission. We’ve received donations from children, families, individuals and businesses. Funds are sometimes collected in events and activities that we would not even have thought of as fundraisers. We’re always so touched to know how much people want to help us and we regularly get contacted by people who are looking for ways to support Zoé4life.

Here are some ideas people have had to raise funds for Zoé4life:


Some people have organized bake sales, or various food events, at work or in heir town. Sometimes children wish to sell their toys they’ve outgrown and raise funds by doing so.

Zoé4life levées de fonds - bougie

Instead of receiving the traditional bottle of wine and flowers from her guests, Katja had offered to come empty-handed and encouraged them to put something into the piggy bank she had placed at the entrance to her house.

On the occasion of a birthday, a party or a housewarming party in lieu of gifts, guests have been asked to deposit what they would like in a box at their disposal. Guests could put either an envelope or just a note in the box.

Zoé4life levées de fonds - deuil

In spite of their grief, we are always touched to see how much grieving families think of others when they ask for a donation in memory of their loved one who has passed away.

Zoé4life levées de fonds - repas amis

Instead of an evening out at a restaurant, Wendy invited friends and family to her place and the funds saved were donated to Zoé4life.

Zoé4life l'équipe Maïque

In September, many individuals motivate their colleagues to buy the GOLD ribbon, wear it and make a donation, and a whole company follows suit!

Zoé4life levées de fonds - confiture

Sylvie made homemade jams that were sold for the benefit of the association.

Zoé4life levées de fonds - noël

At Christmas time, more and more people want to think of the less fortunate. We regularly receive donations from families who do not wish to give gifts to each other. Some limit the amount for Christmas purchases to offer a symbolic gift, leaving an amount to be donated to charity.

Zoé4life levées de fonds - mariage

At weddings, many brides and grooms think of supporting a cause through the collection made during the ceremony.

Don’t hesitate to contact is to let us know how you would like to support Zoé4life!