Your Company can partner with Zoé4life

By partnering with Zoé4life, you show your support for an important cause.

The development of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is leading companies to look for new models to reconcile commercial efficiency and social commitment. 

By supporting us, you are conveying the image of a responsible and solidary company, wishing to demonstrate its support for an association operating throughout Switzerland. Your donations not only allow you to participate in the development of treatments for child cancer but also give a real tax advantage.

Support us and show your clients, potential or existing, that you are working toward a better world for kids with cancer.

Offer visibility to Zoé4life :

  • With your partners and clients or through the sale of your products or services.

  • By purchasing Zoé4life greeting cards or promotional itmes, or by participating in Gold in September.

Support our events:

  • Become a sponsor.
  • Offer your products, services or competences.
  • Participate in our events.

Support us financially:

  • By donating to Zoé4life a percentage of your revenue or sales.
  • By making an end of the year donation.
  • By offering the salary round-up to your employees.


At our annual Day4life event which takes place in September in Rolle, you have the opportunity to register a team that will represent your company. The Zoé Challenge is a team building event accessible to all, which does not require any special skills and is done as a team in order to strengthen the solidarity between the members of the same team.


Sporting events

Involve your employees in sports challenges and team building activities. Zoe4life is present at many events such as Les 20km de Lausanne or Race for Gift. Register teams in the Zoe4life colours.



Each employee brings a dish that will be sold with the others during lunch. The whole company plays the game of buying their meal on the spot. The collection (fixed price or to your heart’s wish) is donated to Zoé4life.


Cooking workshop

The employees of one company made chocolate in a workshop at a chocolate maker’s and then sold their creation for the benefit of Zoé4life.

Gold In September

Mobilize your employees during International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by encouraging them to wear the GOLD ribbon. Sold at the symbolic price of CHF 1, wearing the ribbon is a sign of solidarity for children with cancer and their families.

Salary rounding

The company proposes a rounding off of their employees’ salaries. This means that employees agree to leave a few cents each month for the benefit of Zoe4life. The IT system is entirely set up by our partner Swissdon. This is the nano-donation principle, because there are no small donations!


We will gladly meet with you to discuss the best option for your business to support us.

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