Cure more children and cure them better

Zoé4life supports children with cancer and their families, as well as research, since 2013. Learn more about us.

Our goal : cure more children and cure them better. 

About Zoé4life :
We offer financial support to families living in Switzerland with children being treated for cancer.  We also fund projects for children in the hospital. In addition, we organize several events in order to raise public awareness about childhood cancer.

The biggest part of our funds go to support pediatric cancer research. Our goal is to increase the cure rate and while at the same time reducing toxicities of treatment. For this, new treatments more suitable to children are urgently needed. 

We are also involved in ensuring access to new innovative treatments for children with cancer in Switzerland.

The priority for children with cancer and their parents is for the treatments to work and to be cured.

Each year, Zoé4ife donates the majority of its funds to support and advance research in pediatric cancer.

Improving survival rates and providing access to new treatments which offer a better quality of life is one of Zoé4life’s main goals.

Every year in Switzerland, almost 300 children aged 18 and younger are diagnosed with cancer. One child dies of cancer every week. Today, four out of five children survive, but often with serious long term side effects. Treatment to cure them lasts months or often years.

Zoé4life is recognized as a public service utility. Our 4 goals are:

  1. Supporting families of children with cancer financially.
  2. Supporting and accelerating access to new innovative treatments and research in pediatric oncology so that some day all children have a chance at a cure.
  3. Financing projects and programs for children during their treatments.
  4. Raising awareness about childhood cancer.
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Together we can make a difference

There are many ways to support us. Your commitment makes a difference for children with cancer and their families.

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